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                    Lady V

I work with phenomenal,independent, women who want to learn how to access  their Super Power and tap into and trust thier inner wisdom. I create a safe space for reimagination, reinventing, and living a joy filled life. 


I realize that self investment from the inside out is one of the greatest gifts a woman can do for herself.  I understand too that self care is a neccessity not a luxury.  I provide an authentic envioronment through coaching sessions and  transformational workshops.  I do this both virtually and in physical settings. 


Back in the day, before the resurgence of this beautiful positive vivacious, vibrant woman; Me, I was in a really really, really dark place. I felt I wasn’t “good enough or worthy”. To put it bluntly; I hated myself. I felt like an ugly duckling, with a poor self body image, growing up competing for mother’s love and trying to find a way out of the emotional and physical turmoil of my world. My self destructive ways gave me only temporary solutions.

One day, before one of my fashion shows, my bartender; Iris, told me “Vivian, you have so much going on for yourself, so much potential”.  Although I didn’t act on that spark of light then, it did touch the core of my being and turned on something I now know as my Super Power.

On March 15, I984, after a terrible bout with alcohol and drugs, I asked God to take me. Despite the hour, I was led to Iris’ home. I cried and sobbed (snot whaling sob lol), desperate to know what she saw in me because, I didn’t see it in myself. The rest is my Herostory. I Got Sober and Clean!

My  journey's trajectory has had many  bumps and bruises however I have learned how to turn my Life’s Scars Into Stars ⭐️  


My spiritual life has been enriched through and by the practice of the 12 step annonymous programs, the philosophy of  Louise Hay (including inner child and mirror work) and other spiritual teachers e.g Iyanla Vazant, Marriane Williamson and Esther Hicks" This work has turned me on to my Super power and gives me the opportunity to work passionaltely for you to help you unleash your Super Power!


Let's Answer the questions below:

  1. Do you want to work on  old beliefs that still plague you?

  2. Do you want to unblock what might keep you from feeling alive, enthusiastic and passionate about your life?

  3. Do you want to have fun reimagining, re-

       inventing and creating the life you deserve?

If the answer is an emphatic YES!


Allow me to support YOU. I can create a safe and empowering space that helps you to reclaim the power within. Your Super Power!


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